James Miille's photographic work delves into childhood memories and surreal fantasties, and his locations are every bit as much the star of the image as the models themselves. He painstakingly layers hundreds of photos together to create a final image that challenges the limits of the possible and allows the viewer to lose themselves in a fantasy world that intersects with our own at the precise point where dreams meet reality. His work has been featured in a number of publications along with solo exhibitions in New York (June 2015) and Paris (April 2016). With avid collectors from Paris to Miami to California, this photog phenom is also the driving force behind all creative imagery for Superfine! The Fairest Fair and a vital part of the fair's curatorial team. His works will be shown at the Trina Turk | Mr Turk boutique in Miami on October 27 at his solo exhibition, Miami Influence. The works on display reflect the past year of James' life here in Miami and the influence that the city and its denizens have had on him.