About James

I work at the intersection between the real world and the imagined, between my mind and my experiences, and between dark and light. The foundation for my understanding of the world began on a 22-acre olive orchard in California, but my eyes first opened to all the world has to offer after moving to New York City in 2013. I’ve discovered that every work of art and week of life is guided by trial and error, and I’m excited to see the paths both take.

Most of my work tends to explore a variety of philosophical and psychological mysteries of the world, offering a visual interpretation of the paths we choose versus fate, or how someone can interpret a normal setting as hostile. I definitely wouldn’t say that I’m answering any of these questions that have been around for centuries, but rather I am sharing my own perspective based on my own experiences.

Beyond my own artwork, I am the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Superfine! - The Fair alongside my work-and-life partner Alex. Our shiba inu, Coda, influences most of our decisions.


Brandon Haagenson, David Merten, and Joe Chisholm from Afterglow posing in front of their likenesses.

James' exhibition at Superfine! NYC 2018